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Security Testing Services

Whiztech Labs offers the best of security testing services. In a fast paced world like today’s it is necessary that one be safe from hacks and cyber attacks. A developer largely focuses on functionality and ease of operation and hence, security is often ignored. We delve into websites from the following industries and more -





We cater to any other kind of business that may require a security testing. While you may earn huge profits due to an amazing app or website, you are in for great trouble once it is hacked. Hacks of websites such as facebook and twitter are not unheard of. In a software application, security breaches can happen in the following ways –

Penetration of network

Usage of vulnerabilities

Once your application or website is hacked, you are going to suffer from losses on a financial scale as well as on the scale of trust. You may face trouble from your registration firm too. Usually, a software developer happens to leave loopholes whilst building software which later help the hacker. Thus, it is a good idea to get your application or website security tested in order to be safe rather than sorry.

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