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Full Life Cycle Testing

Full Lifecycle Testing is QA involvement at every phase of the application development process. Starting from the requirements gathering stage (or any other stage in which your project is at present), and continuing through the implementation and maintenance of your solution, Whiztech Labs will test every interim deliverable to insure that it meets requirements and specifications for that phase.

In the classic and ideal approach to quality assurance, an end-to-end testing of the software should be performed. In practice, much depends on the project and resource constraints, including time and budget. Whiztech Labs has flexible processes that can deviate from the classic approach and adjust to the real project conditions at any stage.

The strategy of early and often testing optimizes costs and reduces a solution’s time-to-market, although it may seem to contradict from the first approach. However, the later code defects are found in the development life cycle, the higher the costs and the longer the time needed to fix them.

By outsourcing the quality assurance function to Whiztech Labs with its constant improvement of business processes, deep expertise and focus on QA services, you get significant business value and cost benefits. Whiztech Labs’ independent team will handle all your quality assurance tasks, including the development of a QA strategy, resource planning, team building and overall management, while you concentrate on your core activities.

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