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Microsoft - SSIS

In order to successfully run a consultancy, integration of Microsoft - SSIS becomes a necessity. SSIS stands for SQL Server Integration Services. It easily helps you copy or download internal files or to send bulk emails for events, campaigns etc. It also helps you in keeping your database updated, mining data and in managing the server.

At Whiztech Labs, we not only understand that it is the need of every other business to integrate SQL servers but we also understand that the needs vary with business. Hence, we customise your packages as per your business needs. Integration can ensure that data can be extracted from humungous sources and utilised for business purposes. Data can be extracted through XML, flats and other sources and then can be made use of, for business.

No matter where you are from, Whiztech Labs will ensure that your integration is complete and hassle free. It is an excellent tool when one wishes to run a campaign and needs relevant data for the same. It will also ensure that your campaigns are easy to manage. Thus, go ahead and hand over your SSIS integration to us. You can sit back relax and watch while we showcase out wizardry with SSIS!

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