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Retail Verticals

In the current industry trends there are many different channels available for the consumers to evaluate and opt for products and services. It is expected from the retailers to provide efficient, ongoing and robust consumer interaction in their stores, online shopping and through mobile platform.

Whiztech Labs works closely with the retailers to gain a multi-dimensional view of their consumers and assist them across the entire sales cycle, with the help of hi-tech solutions designed specifically for retail industry.

The technology solutions provided by Whiztech Labs provide a greater visibility about the customer’s experience and help determine areas to improve operation efficiencies which increases the order fulfillment and establishes a link between the stores and supply chain partners.

Whiztech Labs can help the retailers with the following solutions:
E-Commerce Portal:Improve the collaboration, the inventory and the promotions management process within and across the stores. Reduce the IT cost and save a lot of time to market.
Dynamic Commerce Orchestration: Execute the entire sales / purchase cycle across multiple channels leveraging the social media and gamification.
Customer Behavioral Insights: Leverage the power of predictive analytics and big data to harness transactional, social, location and demographic data.

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