Real Estate

The internet has changed the ways in which things function over a period of last ten years the real estate agents have started facing stiff completion and have witnessed the cost of lead generation and lead qualification grow by multiple folds. The agents who are having their own portal generate better leads and establish a greater market reach as compared to those who still follow the tradition way of depending upon a Facebook account for their online presence.

Whiztech Labs has successfully delivered exceptional software solutions to its clients from the real estate industry. The software solutions implemented and designed by Whiztech labs has significantly helped the clients to optimize their portfolios, manage their assets and allocate their existing resources much more efficiently.

The real estate industry is highly commercial domain having direct impact on the revenue from the sale of a product. Whiztech Labs has created solutions that enable real-estate dealers and developers to improve sales and streamline their processes with improved efficiency and increased control.

We have helped many clients to effectively enhance their business systems with the help of our technology solutions.  We have helped multiple clients by designing custom software solutions by adopting the agile methodology, which results in great savings. Our solutions provide businesses in the real-estate industry with the ability to manage the entire spectrum of real estate activity.

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With the globalization in the recent years the distances are shrinking and the word is growing smaller and smaller every minute.Knowledge and resources are the key factors dissolving the boundaries.

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